Romanian Parliament: A deputy confiscated the microphone and the session was suspended

Romanian Parliament: A deputy confiscated the microphone and the session was suspended

The plenary session of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies was adjourned on Monday, 20 minutes earlier, after unaffiliated deputy Andi Grosaru blocked the microphone from which speeches are made during debates.

Grosaru requested to speak on procedure, and session president Daniel Suciu granted him the floor.

"The situation regarding the legality of the Chamber of Deputies sessions is not resolved due to the involvement of this institution in local elections. These issues also have a financial impact, as electoral competitors who already display posters and banners will not be able to claim reimbursements," Grosaru said.


Daniel Suciu asked him if he realizes "for even a second" what he is saying from that microphone and told him to return to his seat.

Grosaru refused and remained at the microphone for minutes on end, disrupting the normal course of the session.

"Mr. Grosaru, please return to your seat!

Mr. Grosaru, I will say it one more time, the last time, please return to your seat!

I want it noted that I am calling Mr. Grosaru to order. This is the first sanction that the session president can impose.

If the second time I kindly ask you to return to your seat and you do not do so, I will ask one of the ushers to kindly escort you back to your seat. If even these requests are not met, I will personally, as the session president, report you to the Permanent Bureau and request your sanction. Thank you very much, Mr. Grosaru. Please take your seat," Suciu told Grosaru.


Deputy Andi Grosaru continued to comment from the plenary podium, at which point Daniel Suciu said, "I kindly request one of the Chamber of Deputies ushers to invite Mr. Grosaru back to his seat."

"I am presiding over the session, Mr. Grosaru! Please, take your seat! Do not sit with your back to the room, I beg you, Mr. Grosaru!

Every person has their own level of patience and tolerance. You have violated every rule.

Thank you. Ms. Prună, I'm sorry, it seems I cannot give you the floor until Mr. Grosaru leaves. What am I to do if there is no usher in the Chamber of Deputies to remove a person who is holding the session room hostage?


Please, Mr. Grosaru, leave the microphone! I ask the group leaders to come to the presidium," Daniel Suciu specified.

He also told Andi Grosaru that he does not operate with blackmail, which is why he will suspend the session.

"Mr. Grosaru, I make a final appeal to you before requesting your sanction in the Permanent Bureau with everything that entails. I'm very sorry. I do not operate with blackmail. I am adjourning the session. See you tomorrow," Suciu concluded.

Grosaru is the deputy who was sanctioned last fall for his statement about the group of national minorities. He said that in this group, "we have some entities that are not even vertebrates and do not represent anyone."

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