Former president: Romania is making a fool of itself in front of Europe

Former president: Romania is making a fool of itself in front of Europe

It would be a mistake for Romania not to deliver a Patriot system to Ukraine, says former President Traian Băsescu, who criticizes Klaus Iohannis for the public statements he made after meeting with US President Joe Biden.

The former president also says that „Romania has recently been making a fool of itself in Europe” and that the option is simple: we either participate in the effort to stop the Russians or we don’t.

Traian Băsescu was asked on Sunday how the Supreme Council for Country's Defense (CSAT) should judge the issue of sending a Patriot system to Ukraine.


"CSAT should judge the priorities, namely the choice between participating in the effort to stop the Russians or not participating in this effort. Well, I think it would be a big mistake for Romania, especially since any Russian victory means an additional risk to the national security of Romania and not only Romania. So, for now, the Ukrainians are fighting for us, not just for themselves," explained Traian Băsescu.

He was also asked if Romania can afford to do without a Patriot system considering only one is operational.


"Well, no one is saying to do without the operational system. There are still three systems that have arrived in Romania and are in the process of being operationalized. One of these should be sent to Ukraine and operationalized there," transmitted the former President of Romania.

Băsescu was also asked if there is enough time for the Ukrainians to operate this system.

"Yes, but the Ukrainians have already specialized in operating Patriot systems. They have been operating them for over a year and a half. Received directly from the Americans, then from Germany, then from the Netherlands, then from Denmark, so they have this system in operation," explained Băsescu.


Asked what Romania could receive in return for donating a Patriot system to Ukraine, Traian Băsescu replied:

"Romania has recently been making a fool of itself in Europe. What is that, to discuss publicly to see what we will receive in return? It's an utter foolishness. Make the decision whether to send this Patriot system to Ukraine or not, and then negotiate quietly, without showing off to see what I get, to see what... Well, people are dying in Ukraine. Want to see what they get? They went to NATO and received Patriot for Ukraine."

Traian Băsescu also pointed out that Romania will not give the Patriot system for free anyway.

"No one says we are giving this Patriot system for free. We are giving it for money, meaning from the aid, from the amount with which the United States helps Ukraine, from that amount the money will be extracted for a new order for Romania, for a Patriot system," explained the former president.

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