Radical decision announced by Gică Hagi at Farul: "We are parting ways!"

Radical decision announced by Gică Hagi at Farul: "We are parting ways!"

Gică Hagi, the technical manager of Farul, announced a radical decision after the Farul – Universitatea Craiova match ended 3-3.

The result on the scoreboard, recorded after Farul led 3-0, greatly upset Gică Hagi, who criticized a player.

The player in question is Dragoș Nedelcu (27 years old), whom he singled out for not meeting expectations and the salary he receives. The midfielder has been mostly injured this season, and the „King” announced that they will part ways with him.

Hagi said that „he had to be a star, the best of the best” considering Dragoș Nedelcu’s salary at Farul.

„I’m sorry for Nedelcu that I’m saying this publicly, many times we haven’t talked, but it can’t go on like this! We expected him to be number 1. He came after one or two years of not playing and kept playing. But this year he spent more time sidelined than playing!

And here is a serious problem because he is one of the highest-paid players in the team, if not the highest. He is well paid, at the level of the top two or three teams. A lot of money!

We paid him for two years, but I had him for one year in my opinion. And with that, I think I will conclude the press conference, because… I’m sorry, but the player needs to be strong. Especially him, whom I knew. He needs to be strong, to reflect on everything that happens to him and to think very seriously.

With us, next year, I don’t think he can continue. Although he has one more year on his contract, but I don’t think… I think we will part ways. With him, at least from my point of view, we can’t go on… We can’t afford to pay so much money for a player with such performance. If we give that money, he has to be a star, the best of the best! Otherwise, other things await us. And we want to keep the club in good shape.

With us, the player must perform at 100%, and he doesn’t perform well all year. ‘My knee hurts, I can’t go on, today I’m here, tomorrow I’m not.’ If he plays well, if he’s not upset. But we can’t… It’s an example that was seen today. It was quite serious.

It’s not good that I’m talking about a player, but only I know what I’ve been through this year. And not just with him, with all the injured players,” said Gică Hagi at the press conference after Farul – Universitatea Craiova 3-3, quoted by [gsp.ro](https://www.gsp.ro/fotbal/liga-1/farul-universitatea-craiova-gica-hagi-dragos-nedelcu-741945.html).

Dragoș Nedelcu played 33 matches (1718 minutes) in all competitions this season at Farul, scoring one goal for the „Sailors”.


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