Renault Scenic was named Car of the Year in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show

Renault Scenic was named Car of the Year in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show

Renault Scenic has won the title of Car of the Year 2024 in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show.

The electric car secured the first position with 329 points, surpassing BMW 5 Series (308 points) and Peugeot 3008 (197 points), according to Auto Design Magazine.

After 27 years since its debut, Renault Scenic has undergone a radical transformation, evolving from an MPV into an electric crossover.

"The design of the Scenic E-Tech Electric serves efficiency, accessibility, and sustainable integration into the environment. It is a car designed to enable families to move freely, safely, and more responsibly. Its precise lines, combined with numerous high-tech details, project this car into a modern, connected world," explains Gilles Vidal, Head of Design at Renault.


With a length of 4.47 meters, a width of 1.86 meters, and a height of 1.57 meters, it offers exceptional interior space and comfort for all occupants. Moreover, the driver has a high and secure seat.

"It is a powerful vehicle with a distinct identity," explains Agneta Dahlgren, Design Project Director.

Like the front daytime running lights, the rear lights have been positioned like two arrows on both sides of the body, emphasizing the visual presence of the vehicle. When turned on, they are animated by micro-optic technology, while when turned off, they create a floating effect.


Renault Scenic led the jury votes, consisting of 58 members representing 22 countries, as reported by Each jury member awarded 25 points to the seven finalists selected from a list of over 50 new car models set to hit the market this year.

This marks the seventh time Renault has won the Car of the Year trophy, in its 61st edition.

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