Two deputies involved in a physical assault in Parliament (Video)

Two deputies involved in a physical assault in Parliament (Video)

Deputies Florin Roman and Dan Vîlceanu were involved in a altercation on Tuesday in the Romanian Parliament.

Florin Roman claims that Dan Vîlceanu assaulted him as they were leaving the plenary hall, hitting him with a knee to the nose area. Roman will go to the National Institute of Legal Medicine to obtain a medical certificate, will submit a request for the sanctioning of the deputy, and will file a criminal complaint against him.

Here are images captured by the Parliament's surveillance camera, showing the two tightly embracing, pushing each other, with Vîlceanu attempting to bite Roman in the face while holding him by the neck. Subsequently, Roman falls (out of the frame) and Vîlceanu seems to be preparing to kick:

Filmul bătăii dintre Florin Roman și Dan Vîlceanu

“Today, I experienced a moment that I never thought I would go through in a civilized world. I reproached the unaffiliated deputy, Dan Vilceanu, for violating the rules by being present in the PNL group benches. (...) A verbal altercation followed, after which I was physically pushed towards the exit from the plenary. Outside the plenary hall, I was physically assaulted again, in a barbaric manner, with a knee blow to the nose area,” recounts Florin Roman on Facebook.


He also wrote that Vîlceanu tried to bite him and held him by the neck. The liberal claims that “he avoided any retaliation because he respects the mandate of a parliamentarian.”

“Instead, based on the footage from the surveillance cameras, I will submit a request for the sanctioning for assault! I will also file a criminal complaint against the hooligan deputy!” adds Florin Roman.

Vîlceanu denies the assault

Deputy Dan Vîlceanu admits to having a conflict with Roman, but denies that it escalated to physical violence:

“It wasn't a fight, I just grabbed him by the shoulders and escorted him out of the plenary hall after we had an exchange of words. It all started with his provocation, he began using harsh words when I was in the bench in the plenary hall next to a colleague. I responded, the situation escalated, and I escorted him out. But we didn't fight,” says Dan Vîlceanu, quoted by G4Media.


Here is the end of the altercation, where Florin Roman is seen with a bloody tissue at his nose:

Finalul altercaţiei dintre Dan Vîlceanu şi Florin Roman, filmat pe holurile Parlamentului

PNL Deputy Florian Emil Dumitru came out into the hallway immediately after the altercation.

“I admit that I am shocked by what I managed to witness, I have not encountered such behaviors in my parliamentary activity, during my first term. Basically, after a verbal discussion that took place in the bench where I regularly sit in the Parliament plenary, during which the two exchanged words, they went towards the exit from the plenary hall.

Of course, I did not follow them immediately, I went out a few tens of seconds later, when I found my colleague Florin Roman with a bloody nose and Mr. Vîlceanu quite agitated,” stated PNL Deputy Florian Dumitru, on Digi24.


“I went out when Mr. Roman was somehow getting up from the floor, with his hand on his nose, bloodied at the nose. I did not see the altercation itself and the conflict itself,” added Deputy Florian Dumitru.

“At some point, Mr. Vîlceanu, using some offensive words, got up from the bench where he was sitting next to me and practically lifted my colleague Florin Roman and they went outside, addressing him with all sorts of inappropriate words,” Dumitru further narrated, as quoted by

Asked what he said to Dan Vîlceanu after the assault, Deputy Florian Dumitru replied: “I told him literally if he was in his right mind. That's what I said, if such behavior is sane.”

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