The portrait of the schemer in his youth. The case of the Romanian Prime Minister

The portrait of the schemer in his youth. The case of the Romanian Prime Minister

The biography of Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu was thoroughly examined by journalist Anca Simina from Recorder.

Following discussions with former teachers and colleagues, she found out that Marcel Ciolacu was a mediocre student and an unskilled worker at a craft cooperative in Buzău, although he listed on his resume that he worked at the Industrial Electronics Enterprise in Bucharest.

Here is briefly what Recorder discovered:

  • For a year now, Romania has a prime minister with presidential aspirations, but with a more than thin resume. The novelty is that even his own biography, displayed on the Government's website, is cleverly cosmetized to come closer, even slightly, to the requirements of such high positions.
  • One of the most blatant attempts to embellish Marcel Ciolacu's past is the falsehood regarding his first job. Here, the prime minister publicly claims to have worked at a major company in Bucharest. In fact, in 1989, he was an unskilled worker at a craft cooperative in Buzău.
  • In the '90s, we find him both as a top financier of the party and as a social beneficiary who demands and obtains a house from the city hall.
  • Then, he vaguely presents himself as an "entrepreneur, manager, and associate" in several private companies. In reality, he was a small local businessman and politician. Nevertheless, a skillful juggler who, behind the facade of market stalls, used his public positions to make private money. Two episodes are still relevant today: the partnership with OMV in the 2000s and the business involving a deforested forest, taken from the state, on which the Dedeman store in Buzău was subsequently built.
  • We inevitably come back to the revolutionary Ciolacu. An image from which he claimed he never sought benefits. And yet, the certificate of revolutionary successively brought him an agricultural land, a commercial space in the Central Market of Buzău where he later built his businesses, and not one, but two burial plots in the "Heroes" Cemetery. At least in the records of the Buzău city hall, Marcel Ciolacu is a hero. A title obtained through a manipulation of reality.
  • However, despite the long journey to the position of prime minister being paved with inconsistencies, falsehoods, and clear conflicts of interest, today's prime minister refuses to clarify them. Recorder's request for a brief explanatory interview about his personal and professional journey was rejected by Marcel Ciolacu with the argument that he has a very busy schedule.

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