REPER has notified the OSCE and the EC about the massive electoral fraud in the Romanian elections

REPER has notified the OSCE and the EC about the massive electoral fraud in the Romanian elections

Ramona Strugariu, co-president of REPER, announces that she has brought to the attention of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights within the OSCE and the European Commission „the massive electoral fraud orchestrated by the commissars and the refusal of the Central Electoral Bureau to order the recounting of votes in the polling stations where civil society and citizens have reported issues regarding the correctness of the electoral process.”

REPER, the party of Dacian Cioloș, did not win any mandate in Sunday’s European parliamentary elections, in which over 488,000 votes were declared void, and the BEC decided to reject REPER’s requests for vote recount.

„Europe and international organizations cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in Romania, and they cannot remain silent. I have asked the OSCE and the European Commission to put pressure on the authorities in Romania, who are obligated to remove any suspicion of theft and fraud.

If Romania is a democratic state, then let it demonstrate it, and the BEC should order the recount of votes, with observers from civil society and international organizations,” conveyed the co-president of REPER.

Strugariu asserts that „there are thousands of polling stations where suspicions of fraud are high and hundreds of reports verified by REPER, at polling stations across the country, where people’s votes have disappeared.”

„Only in dictatorships and illiberal regimes does such a thing happen. We continue to fight. Every vote counts, regardless of our result, you cannot be stolen and lied to,” declared Ramona Strugariu.

REPER only obtained 3.7% in the elections on June 9 and did not pass the electoral threshold.

Dacian Cioloș stated on Monday evening that the national score achieved by the party is „a failure.”


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