The train from Craiova to Bucharest derailed. Red intervention plan

The train from Craiova to Bucharest derailed. Red intervention plan

Two carriages of the IR 1596 train from Craiova to Bucharest North derailed on Tuesday evening at the entrance to Atârnați, Teleorman County, Romania.

There are approximately 200 passengers on the train.

Authorities have triggered the red intervention plan.

Rail traffic is suspended on the Roșiori - Atârnați route, track II, due to the derailment.

Other trains passing through Atârnați station will be redirected to operate on track I, in both directions.

The train departed from Roșiori station at 16:14, and at 16:24, the driver notified the traffic control center by phone that the last two carriages derailed near the entrance signal to Atârnați station, on track II.


Details about the victims

The carriages are not overturned.

Several fire trucks were dispatched to the scene of the accident.

A 36-year-old woman complaining of back pain was taken by an ambulance to the hospital.

Two other women, aged 72 and 85, experienced panic attacks, received medical care on site, and refused to be transported to the hospital.

Nine minibuses have been dispatched to pick up passengers and transport them to the nearest railway station.


"The approximately 200 passengers are safe and will continue their journey to the final destination.


Representatives of the authorities are on-site to investigate and determine the exact causes of this incident, as well as specialist teams who will work on clearing the track," the railway company announced.

Operations in the affected area will be carried out on the other track, with passengers from the IR 1596 train being transferred to the R 9006 Roșiori Nord-Bucharest Basarab train..


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