A woman was found dead 24 hours after calling 112. The police failed to locate her

A woman was found dead 24 hours after calling 112. The police failed to locate her

A 44-year-old woman was found dead in a house in the village of Mircea Vodă, Brăila County, Romania, approximately 24 hours after she had called the emergency line 112.

The Romanian Police announces that they have already sent a team from the Internal Control Directorate to Brăila to verify how the police officers there handled the case.

"The Romanian Police leadership ordered, as early as yesterday, June 11, the dispatch of a team from the Internal Control Directorate to conduct verifications regarding the handling of the case. This morning, the team of police officers arrived at the Brăila County Police Inspectorate and started the verifications," Romanian Police representatives stated on Wednesday.


The woman was killed by her partner, a 50-year-old man, who then committed suicide. The bodies were found on Tuesday morning, as reported by the publication DeBrăila.

The victim called 112 on Monday at 12:31, and, screaming, stated that she was in danger, but did not provide any further details.

The system provided location data, and two police teams were sent there to conduct verifications. The police arrived in front of the house, but reported that there was no confirmation of a conflict.

"Following the verifications carried out, no data confirming that a conflict had occurred in the area was obtained," stated the Brăila County Police Inspectorate.


However, according to Antena 3 sources, STS provided agents with advanced location on AML (Advanced Mobile Location) to quickly locate the woman who desperately sought help. 

The police state that "discussions were held with the residents in the area to try to identify a property where the event may have taken place" and that they also attempted to "identify the caller, including by presenting the phone number from which the call was made for recognition."

Law enforcement officials claim that no one in the locality "could provide information to help identify the location or the caller."


"Based on the verifications conducted and the data available at this time, the phone belongs to the 44-year-old woman from Mircea-Vodă village, but at the time of field verifications, the neighbors could not provide this information," the Police statement further reads.

On Tuesday morning, the police were alerted via 112 by a woman regarding the discovery of two bodies with signs of violence in a property in the village of Mircea-Vodă.

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