Germany gives 1,1 million euros to support education in Romania

Germany gives 1,1 million euros to support education in Romania

Germany, through the German Embassy in Bucharest, supports once again this year the project „Support for teachers in German-language education in Romania” with a total sum of 1,133,000 euros.

This funding is intended for promoting the German language as a mother tongue in public schools and educational institutions in Romania and reducing the shortage of qualified teaching staff.

By periodically improving German-speaking teachers and developing modern textbooks in German, the project aims to facilitate Romanian students in continuing to learn the German language at a native level. Furthermore, young German-speaking individuals will be motivated to pursue a teaching career.


The German Ambassador, Dr. Peer Gebauer, and the General Director of the Saxonia Foundation, Klaus-Harald Sifft, signed today at the German Embassy in Bucharest the funding agreement for the amount of 1,133,000 euros.

The project is implemented nationwide by the Saxonia Foundation in Râșnov.

Around 950 teachers and educators benefit from these allowances to ensure high-quality education in the German language.

Additionally, the project supports teams of authors who write or update modern textbooks for German-language education in Romania.


Ambassador Peer Gebauer emphasized on this occasion: "I am very pleased that we can support German language teaching in Romania again this year and that it was possible to increase the funding compared to last year to the amount of 1,133,000 euros.

In many ways, this is an important benchmark project for promoting the German language, for the German minority, and for mutual understanding.

Around 22,500 children and students benefit from German-language education as their mother tongue.

Through this project, we contribute to ensuring that outstanding German-speaking teachers continue to provide excellent German-language education in many schools and kindergartens in Romania. Through professional development measures and modern textbooks, the project significantly contributes to a high-quality German-language education."


In turn, the General Director of the Saxonia Foundation, Klaus-Harald Sifft, stated: "Germany has been funding this extremely important project for our minority for over 10 years. It is of great significance for maintaining German-language education in Romania.

It shows teachers that teaching in German is appreciated and that the corresponding extra work is recognized. State schools teaching in German as a mother tongue are vital for our minority and are in high demand, including among the Romanian-speaking population.

Ultimately, these students are the beneficiaries of the project supporting German-speaking teachers, which represents an investment in the next generation.

We are very grateful for the continuation of this project!"

The project "Support for teachers in German-language education in Romania" has been supported through the German Embassy since 2015. More information on how teachers and educators can participate in the project can be found on the Saxonia Foundation website.

Since its establishment, the Saxonia Foundation has been continuously carrying out social and economic support activities for over 30 years and has been involved from the beginning in supporting teaching staff in German-language education in Romania.

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