All you need to know about the new Dacia Spring 2024 (Video)

All you need to know about the new Dacia Spring 2024 (Video)

Dacia will launch a new version of the Spring model in the second half of this year.

The Dacia Spring 2024 will feature a more robust design, new interior elements, but the model remains the most affordable electric car on the market, which is good considering the government has halved Rabla Plus bonuses.

Orders for the Dacia Spring 2024 will open in the spring.

For the first time, a right-hand drive model will also be produced for customers in the UK.

"The new Spring adopts the new design elements introduced by the third generation of the Duster model. As such, the model benefits from a more robust appearance, with more personality, while the interior has been completely redesigned. The roof is the only component of the body retained from the previous generation," Dacia presents in a statement.


"Dacia Spring remains the most affordable electric car on the market, as it has been since its launch in 2021 (excluding government subsidies)," adds the company from Mioveni.

Dacia has surpassed Renault, Audi, and BMW in the European market

Regarding the exterior design, a specific detail of the new Spring is the two black bands present both at the grille level and transversely across the rear hatch, between the rear lights.

The Y-shaped light signature, similar to that of the new Duster generation, is present in both the front LED lights and the rear lights.

15-inch wheels are standard on versions with a 65-horsepower engine.


Thus, the side protections on the lower part of the doors are light, easy to install, and easy to replace. Chrome elements have been eliminated, as is the case for all Dacia models. The roof bars have also been removed, leading to weight reduction and improving the aerodynamic profile of the body.

The new Spring will be available in a range of six colors, including the new Safari Beige and Brick Red.

Interior innovations for the Dacia Spring 2024 Inside, the Dacia Spring will have a completely new dashboard, which will integrate another range of digital screens.

"The Spring now features a 7-inch color digital dashboard, which can be customized, available on all trim levels, and a 10-inch central screen for higher versions.


The color palette and materials used for the interior have been modernized to offer superior quality, but with a variety of essential options to control costs - to remain faithful to the "value for money" positioning specific to the Dacia brand. (...)

Noua Dacia Spring - ce s-a schimbat

The iconic Y-shaped signature is found in the form of air vents (white on standard trim levels and Copper Brown on the Extreme trim level). The central part of the dashboard is colored differently, depending on the trim level: Alto Grey on the Essential version, Brick Red on the Expression, Kaki Lichen on the Extreme," the company's statement reads.

And the storage space will be larger. The loading space will have a total volume of 308 liters, 6% larger compared to the previous model, namely 1,004 liters with the rear seats folded - more than rival vehicles of similar size and equal to similar models in the B segment.

Moreover, the additional storage space (double glove compartment, storage spaces at the base of the doors, etc.) with a total volume of almost 33 liters also exceeds segment standards.

The new model will be equipped with YouClip, a system that allows the attachment of numerous accessories in key areas of the interior, in a practical and sturdy manner

The YouClip system has fixing points: one on the dashboard, two on the center console. These can be equipped with a storage pouch, a smartphone holder with wireless charging, or a clever "3-in-1" device that combines a cup holder, an anchoring hook for a shopping net, and a flashlight. All these YouClip-compatible accessories are available in the Dacia dealer network.

EU-friendly driving assistance systems New driving assistance systems (ADAS) are added to the equipment available on the new Spring to meet the latest safety standards (GSR2) imposed at the European Union level, which will come into force from this year:

  • automatic emergency braking (with detection of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists), recognition of traffic signs with speed limit exceeded alert, reverse parking assistance, emergency stop signal, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, driver attention monitoring system emergency call (eCall). Dacia also introduces the "My Safety" button, which allows quick access to the preferred driving assistance system configuration.

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