Social media addiction and detox options


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Social networks have revolutionized the way we interact and relate to each other. They have brought extraordinary opportunities for connection and communication, but also significant challenges regarding human behavior.

Social networks have facilitated instant communication and access to information globally. They have allowed people to connect and share experiences, thoughts, and emotions in an uninterrupted way. However, this level of constant connectivity can also lead to addiction and behavioral changes.

In the human-machine interaction, a kind of bond can be created that the human brain can perceive as vital.


Addiction to social networks can gradually arise as we increasingly use these platforms to feel connected and receive social validation.

Over time, we can become addicted to the appreciation and attention we receive online, constantly seeking confirmation and validation. The brain starts releasing dopamine when interacting with apps that provide feelings of social validation, belonging, inclusion, friend count, views, and "like" buttons.

Early signs of addiction

Among the early signs of addiction are the fervor with which someone may seek interaction with various internet-connected devices and the feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness that may arise when the sought interaction is delayed or prohibited.


Signs of addiction to social networks may include

  • obsessive checking of notifications
  • feelings of anxiety or restlessness when away from the mobile phone or computer
  • withdrawal from offline activities in favor of time spent on social platforms

Effects of addiction

Among the effects of this type of addiction can be included

  • decreased self-esteem
  • social isolation
  • reduced focus on other aspects of life
  • concentration problems
  • issues arising from mismanagement of time for daily tasks
  • neglect of daily responsibilities.

The younger the exposed individual's brain is in terms of development, the stronger and more difficult to reconfigure the changes that occur.


How to detoxify

To detoxify from social network addiction, it is important to set boundaries and self-regulate their use.

  • We can start by limiting the time spent on these platforms, establishing defined intervals for use and reducing access to notifications.
  • It is also helpful to engage in offline activities that bring joy and satisfaction, such as sports, reading, or face-to-face interaction with friends.
  • Seeking new interests and developing new skills, pursuing new social interactions, as well as consulting a specialist, can bring the individual to a normal level of functioning, learning how to rationally use these distractions.

Rational behavior involves a conscious and balanced evaluation of the impact of social networks on our lives and mental well-being.

It is important to regularly ask ourselves how the use of social networks influences our mood, relationships, and productivity. Based on our responses, we can adjust and adapt our behavior to ensure that we meet our needs and remain connected to the surrounding world in a healthy and balanced way.

In the relationship of children and adolescents with these platforms, it is important for adults to mediate, set limits, explain, and also provide their own example of how to use them healthily. By teaching the young person how to use technological opportunities and not be used by them.

Social networks, and consequently the internet, have brought both benefits and challenges to our daily lives. It is important to be aware of their impact and adopt rational behavior to maintain our mental health and general well-being.

And to accept that our primary concern regarding our physical and mental well-being rests entirely with us.

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