Bucharest, little Venice: Unreal images with the devastation (Photo & Video)

Bucharest, little Venice: Unreal images with the devastation (Photo & Video)

Bucharest residents faced a red storm warning last night, and the city suddenly turned into Little Venice, with knee-deep flooded areas, trees fallen who knows where, license plates scattered on the road. For some, it even rained through the balcony insulation.

In some places, the situation was not resolved by morning.

Over a hundred trees fell and 97 cars were affected in Bucharest due to the weather phenomena, as reported by the Emergency Situations Inspectorate Bucharest - Ilfov.

Until Friday, at 10:30, firefighters handled 504 interventions (427 in Bucharest and 77 in Ilfov County).

There were 104 fallen trees, seven electricity poles, two construction elements, and four roofs taken by the wind.


VIDEO. Strong Hail in Bucharest - Source: Facebook/ Vali Buliga

Additionally, a total of 127 streets, 229 homes, yards, and basements, and 97 cars were affected.

VIDEO. Flooded Streets after the Storm - Source: Facebook/ Radu Bracan

We gathered from social media some of the images posted after the storm, most of them from Sector 3, which seems to have been the hardest hit:

Soseaua Râmnicu Vâlcea până în sensul giratoriu de la școala 87 apa este pana la genunchi

Publicată de Ionut Adi Balan pe Joi, 13 iunie 2024
Photo: Facebook/Florin Mihalache
Photo: Facebook/Florin Mihalache

Balcon izolattttt..🌧🌧🌧.. Sfarsit de reabilitare pe B-dul. Nicolae Grigorescu. P.S. Mai bun era cornierul lui Nea Nicu😭

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