Patrimonium: The mobile app that notifies you about the sights you pass by

Patrimonium: The mobile app that notifies you about the sights you pass by

Especially for tourists, the mobile app Patrimonium was launched on Monday, which notifies you in writing and audibly about the sights you pass by.

It can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

Photo: Facebook/Raluca Turcan

The launch event took place at the Central University Library „Carol I”.

According to the Minister of Culture, the application is "an initiative that meets the needs of the young generation and contributes to increasing access to culture. I congratulate this project and the novelty it brings - a better understanding of the national immovable heritage through technology."


"I am excited about the idea of receiving a notification on my phone about each monument and its importance for Romania.

The project is proof that we can bring cultural wealth closer to the public, and the Ministry of Culture has been a supporter from the very beginning.

My commitment, as Minister of Culture, to the conservation and promotion of cultural wealth is firm and continuous. The Ministry of Culture has the duty to provide content for this application, which needs to be increasingly rich in information," states on Facebook Raluca Turcan.


The Minister congratulated the association for Education Teofor, which made this project possible, from idea to the mobile app that each of us can have on our phone.

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