Babasha was booed at the Coldplay concert: "Romania is deeply plagued by racism," "With the whistles, joy fled"

Babasha was booed at the Coldplay concert: "Romania is deeply plagued by racism," "With the whistles, joy fled"

The moment when the manele singer Babasha was booed while performing on Wednesday evening at the first Coldplay concert at the National Arena in Bucharest has sparked numerous reactions.

Manele is a mixture of „oriental” Romanian folk and contemporary pop music with bases on Balkan influences. The lyrics usually refer to themes of love, enemies, money, alcoholism and difficulties of life in general.

The comments on social media were diverse, but most of them criticized the moment.

However, artists, journalists, doctors, and sociologists did not agree with the audience's reaction, stating that "Romania is deeply marked by racism" and that "along with the boos, the joy vanished."


Reactions from artists, journalists, doctors, sociologists

One of the most nonconformist Romanian artists, Adi Despot from Vița de Vie, had a quick reaction in defense of the young manele singer.

"1. The best thing I've heard is "Coldplay came and, on a holiday, instead of introducing our wives to our parents, they introduced our mistresses!"

2. Live & learn, corporate earthlings, what is the true value of the YouTube trend and, in general, the coveted numbers that a momentary digital artist produces, the only unit of measurement you have at hand.


3. As for Babasha, bravo, dude! To sing as you did, in front of a stadium that boos you, it's so fckn rock'n roll that it can't be anything but good. I even envy you for not being in your place, to bathe in that ocean of hypocrisy," wrote Adrian Despot on Facebook.

In the opinion of journalist Cătălin Striblea, Chris Martin is not afraid of racism, and we have not embarrassed ourselves. He also has a message for Babasha: "Kid, don't take it to heart, you were good. And not the whole country is booing you!"

"I don't think Martin is afraid of racism, that's what it was. And we haven't embarrassed ourselves. These citizens have seen racism in England and America, who are we children. But I'm sorry that along with the boos, the joy vanished. These two people felt good together and wanted to make a memorable moment. In fact, the whole concert is a joy. I've seen many great bands, in Bucharest and elsewhere. Some sing anthems, others have power, some are cult bands, defining.


But Coldplay is just joy. I saw people floating at the beginning of the concert. These people sing and paint at the same time with thousands of colors. It's the most beautiful concert concept I've seen. Happiness was on their faces and on Martin's. "Thank you for waiting for me for 25 years." That joy has vanished. Half an hour later, he barely spoke to the audience. From where I was, I saw the caravan of cars ready to leave right from that moment," wrote Striblea on Facebook.

His post was also shared by sociologist Gelu Duminică. He had also commented on the subject earlier.

"A "manea" song performed by a guy who sang accompanied by the Coldplay lead singer was booed by an entire stadium for several minutes.

Of course, after the event, those who booed go to eat a shawarma with everything and have a beer at Hanul Drumețului. Well, this is Romania in all its splendor!" wrote Gelu Duminică on Facebook.

Similarly, Gabriel Diaconu, psychiatrist, believes that Romania is deeply marked by racism.

"I have no doubt that if Phoenix, or Cargo, if Compact or Iris, Semnal M or Mirabela Dauer had been sung, the effect would have been quite different. And if the Mauritanian anthem had been sung, in fact, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that a bunch of people who have never really checked their personal mirror very well are indignant that such a thing was possible. Such a thing... Romania is deeply marked by racism. When it's not experienced culturally, it's shouted out socially. And today, as well as yesterday, it might be that if a child is not obedient, his mommy will say, 'if you're not good, I'll give you to the gypsies'," the doctor wrote on Facebook.

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