Actor Gerard Depardieu, in preventive detention

Actor Gerard Depardieu, in preventive detention

Actor Gerard Depardieu, one of the giants of French and world cinema who is already indicted for rape in another case, was placed in preventive detention in Paris on Monday to be questioned based on accusations made against him by two women who accuse him of sexual assaults.

A decorator working on the set of the film „Les Volets Verts,” directed by Jean Becker, accuses the French star of sexually assaulting her in 2021.

She filed a complaint in February 2024 for sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexist insults.


The incidents date back to September 2021 and are said to have taken place in a private villa in Paris, according to France Press.

The other complaint was filed by a former production assistant, accusing the French star of sexual assault in 2014.

The actor has been indicted since 2020 for rape and sexual assault against a young actress, Charlotte Arnould.

Actress Helene Darras also filed a complaint against him for sexual assault during filming in 2007, but that complaint was dismissed by the Paris Prosecutor's Office due to the statute of limitations.

In Spain, Gerard Depardieu is the subject of a complaint filed by journalist and writer Ruth Baza, who accuses him of raping her in 1995.

"Never, absolutely never, have I abused a woman," declared the 75-year-old French actor in an open letter published in October 2023 in the daily Le Figaro, referring to the accusations made by Charlotte Arnould.


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