A dog ran 6 kilometers to seek help after its owner overturned the car into a ravine

A dog ran 6 kilometers to seek help after its owner overturned the car into a ravine

A man was rescued after his car overturned into a ravine in the American state of Oregon. One of his dogs ran over six kilometers to raise the alarm and led rescuers to the accident site.

Brandon Garrett was driving the car with his four dogs in the area where his family was camping. The vehicle overturned in a curve, then fell into a ravine in Baker County, Oregon, as reported by The Guardian.

The man survived but remained trapped in the car. His luck was that one of the dogs ran back to where the family was. It ran almost 6.5 kilometers through the wilderness and reached the other family members. His appearance was a sign that something bad had happened.


The family immediately started searching and reached the accident site, but it was inaccessible due to difficult terrain, so they called the emergency number for help.

The car was found about 90 meters from the accident site, and the injured man was in the ravine with his other three dogs, all the animals being alive.

Press Release: Halfway Man Rescued After Car Crash Leaves Him Stranded OvernightOn June 3, 2024 at approximately 9:28...

Publicată de Baker County Sheriff's Office pe Luni, 3 iunie 2024

The rescue team managed to reach the car using chainsaws to clear a path, then used a rescue blanket and a rope to pull Garrett out of the ravine. The dogs were also recovered.


Authorities provided first aid on the spot, then the man was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

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