Romanian President, about the new EU leadership: They have to be squeaky clean!

Romanian President, about the new EU leadership: They have to be squeaky clean!

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis was asked on Wednesday about the negotiations for leadership positions in European institutions, on which occasion he stated that no state should be ignored, marginalized, or left uninvolved.

As for the individuals who will occupy these positions, they must be „squeaky clean”.

Here are some of the president's statements on the negotiations at the top of the EU:

  • It was an informal discussion, so I will not give details about these discussions, but I allow myself a few considerations regarding what the outcome should be, in my opinion.
  • We have the European Union, a very successful project and, in my opinion, a project with a great future if we manage this future correctly, in line with the expectations of European citizens and in such a way that we count in the global equation, in the global equation.
  • Being political negotiations, they are complicated because the architecture of the Union is a complex one.
  • The European Union is a union of states, not of parties, so what needs to be negotiated must be done in such a way that all states feel involved, accountable, and served according to national interest.
  • No member state can be ignored, marginalized, or left uninvolved in these negotiations. And if that had happened, it should be corrected.
  • These families cannot suppress the right of member states to be involved and to decide.
  • It's a bit more complicated than in national politics where parties have their roles very well defined.
  • European political families, in the European equation, do not have exactly the same role as political parties in the political life of national states, and this must be understood.
  • If these political families were to exaggerate their influence, this should be corrected. So we need to have a correct, subtle, and negotiated balance.
  • European institutions must be led by properly elected individuals, with the participation of all member states, all political families, but individuals who are beyond any suspicion, highly respected, about whom no doubt can arise, or as we say – to be squeaky clean.
  • Otherwise, what trust would the European citizen have that those individuals in the extremely important positions they hold will lead the EU as we all desire?
  • The package of nominations of personalities who, ultimately, will reach these positions must be an impeccable, strong, maximally trustworthy package negotiated to the bone, but taking into account all national and political demands, and there is still a long way to go.
  • Romania is treated fairly, I made sure of that.
  • I did not refer, obviously, to individuals, nor could I as the President of Romania from an official podium, but I believe my answer was more than you expected and certainly you realized that it is about values and principles in which we believe, in Romania, and which we want to see implemented and respected.

EU leaders failed to support Ursula von der Leyen on Monday evening for a new term as President of the European Commission, despite the assurances given in recent days by Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz that an agreement was close.

"There is no agreement tonight," said European Council President Charles Michel late Monday night after the leaders' dinner.

A European diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that although negotiators agreed on three names, the leaders will continue discussions at a later date, probably at their next meeting on June 27-28.

Following the European elections, there was an early consensus for Ursula von der Leyen to receive a second term as President of the European Commission, while Portuguese António Costa was to become President of the European Council, Maltese Roberta Metsola to remain at the helm of the European Parliament, and Estonia's Kaja Kallas to take over foreign policy.


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